Clarity Peptide Imaging services

Clarity’s Mission


At Clarity, our mission is to develop innovative radiopharmaceutical products and offer seamless preclinical to clinical imaging services that ensure better patient outcomes.


Clarity is a personalised medicine company focused on the treatment of serious disease. The Company is a leader in innovative radiopharmaceutical technology, developing targeted therapies and assisting in the drug development pipeline of novel therapies for companies globally. It was established in 2010 as a private, Sydney-based life sciences company.

Clarity’s platform technology allows antibodies to be radiolabeled and visualised using PET imaging. The human imaging data generated provides information on whether the drug reaches the desired disease target in a patient. This information enables a personalised approach to therapy by only treating those patients that are likely to respond to therapy and excluding those that won’t respond to therapy. This precision medicine approach is at the forefront of drug development.

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Antibody and Peptide Imaging Services


Clarity Pharmaceuticals offers it’s imaging services to groups with antibodies and peptides in development.


Imaging biopharmaceuticals in early stage development allows developers to visualise where their antibody or peptide is going, including targeting, off-target binding, clearance and biodistribution. This de-risks the development process, and allows companies to make early decisions about their antibody and peptide drug candidates.

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Pharmaceutical Development


Clarity adds value to antibodies and peptides by creating personalised medicine imaging drugs. By using its proprietary imaging technology, Clarity develops companion imaging diagnostics to therapeutic antibodies and peptides.


Clarity Pharmaceuticals also actively manages an in-house drug development program, with its first drug (an oncology companion diagnostic) about to enter clinical trials. Clarity plans to expand its program to include further development of antibodies and peptides whose clinical trials might benefit from patient selection using the company’s imaging technology.
Clarity Pharmaceuticals is currently based in Sydney, Australia, and is successfully leveraging the country’s attractive R&D tax rebates, an advantageous regulatory framework and world class infrastructure facilities.

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Clarity Peptide Imaging services



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Home-grown biotech innovator, Clarity Pharmaceuticals, raises AU$2 million to fight cancer

Clarity Pharmaceuticals pioneers world first use of copper radioisotopes for diagnosis, dosimetry and treatment of cancer Sydney, Australia, 24 May 2016 – Clarity Pharmaceuticals, an emerging Australian biotech company specialising in the treatment of serious disease, has raised AU$2 million to develop its clinical pipeline using its proprietary drug targeting technology. The investment round includes…

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