Preclinical Imaging Services


Clarity’s preclinical PET imaging services are designed for biopharmaceutical companies that wish to further characterise and de-risk their biological molecules. It allows drug developers to assess the targeting of their biological molecules early in development in vivo using PET imaging.

Clarity has established a preclinical process encompassing a small animal PET/CT imaging study and an organ biodistribution study. The results provide whole animal localisation of drugs, including disease targeting via high resolution imaging at sequential time points and offer accurate measurement of the compound in the organs of interest via a biodistribution study.

Clarity’s preclinical PET imaging service includes:


Study design, including selection of radioisotope and animal models

Clarity’s preclinical PET imaging service selects the most appropriate PET isotope specifically designed for use with the client’s biological molecule. PET imaging over 10 mins to 7 days is possible using various radioisotopes including gallium-68 (up to 4h imaging), copper-64 (up to 48h) and zirconium-89 (up to 7 days).


Optimisation of conjugation and radiolabeling of biological molecules

Clarity’s preclinical PET imaging service selects the most appropriate chelator for conjugation to the biological molecule. The conjugation is optimised and characterised to produce the ideal product for imaging. The radiolabelling of the conjugated product with the radioisotope is also optimised to produce a specific activity suitable for imaging. The service also provides options for site specific conjugation and a 1:1 chelator-product ratio.


In vivo PET imaging in small animals up to 7 days

Clarity’s preclinical imaging service is designed to demonstrate visually and quantitatively where a biologic is going in the animal model. The service is designed to provide proof-of-concept to companies with drugs in development, giving them the confidence to proceed with a drug development program.


In vivo biodistribution in small animals up to 21 days

Clarity’s preclinical biodistribution studies are conducted using longer lived radioisotopes and provide organ and disease site distribution data over several days post administration of the product. The biodistribution study is quantitative and produces the percentage of injected dose per gram of tissue in selected organs over sequential time-points.

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